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I help women get fit and optimize their health through intuitive movement, food, and mindfulness without restriction or over-exercise!


Hi, I'm Amanda

Certified Personal Trainer
and Wellness Coach

Are you tired of feeling like a slave to diet plans and the gym, yet still feel disconnected from your body?

Do you feel like you look different than those in fitness and it feels intimidating?

Or are you new to fitness and want to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start?


My name is Amanda Butler and I help women get fit and optimize their health by teaching the fundamentals of intuitive movement, eating, and mindfulness without restriction or over-exercise.


Maybe you’re exhausted with the “binge-restrict/yo-yo dieting/diet culture” cycle and want to create a better relationship with your mind and body. You’re ready to feel good, get fit, lose weight, and have freedom with food and exercise...but how do you get there?


If you’re interested in learning how to create a fitness plan that works for your unique body to better support your adrenals and hormones, stop the punish mentality, and find balance between living your life and reaching your fitness goals, click the button to learn more.



Jenny H.

I’ve had trainers in the past, and no one compares to Amanda. She takes an individualized approach to each of her clients. I have a hormonal condition called PCOS, and Amanda created an individualized plan that supports my body, my goals, and my hormones. I have gained physical strength working with Amanda and more notably a shift in my mindset —I once felt weak and defeated — now I feel strong and capable of anything. Amanda empowers you to feel that inner and outer strength every day.”


Giselle B.

Amanda has helped me to see how strong I am. Mentally and physically she’s helped me to break the patterns of thinking that have held me back from achieving my fitness goals. She’s done that with lots of compassion and fun. I really appreciate her skills and attentiveness as a coach and trainer.


Grace W.

"I love working with Amanda as a coach. The journaling prompts are so good and I will continue my morning routine for a long time. Hopefully for life! She's the best."


How to Get Off the
Yo-Yo Diet Rollercoaster

Let's Re-Establish Your Relationship With Your Food and Body

Are you tired of dieting, restricting your favorite foods, and having late night binges on every food in sight? I've been there. Here are 3 ways I stopped dieting and obsessing over food for good.

Receive my FREE masterclass on how to ditch the diets and live a mindful life

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