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Meet Amanda Butler


Hey There!

Amanda is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach who teaches women how to build a well-balanced fitness and nutrition routine that aligns with your life. She guides you to release restrictive mindsets, negative thinking patterns and limiting behaviors and empowers you to embrace your diversity and stand tall in who you are.


At the age of 12, Amanda looked and felt different than other girls her age - so she began dieting. She tried every diet imaginable and yo-yo dieting soon became her middle name. In later years, she restricted food to move the number on the scale, exercised frivolously, and hated herself through every minute of it. This left her starving, and soon enough she was bingeing on any and everything in sight, angry with her “lack of willpower” and “ability to stay on-track.” She stayed in this cycle for the majority of her life.


Eventually, she was provided the tools to get off the yo-yo diet train and worked to create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and exercise through establishing an intuitive compass. She embraced her individuality, curves, and darker complexion and grew to love her uniqueness. She now understands her unique blueprint and the importance of cycle syncing to optimize her body’s natural energy levels and will teach you how to get the same results for yourself.


So if you want to:


✓ Ditch the diets and feel good in your skin

✓ Establish an energizing fitness routine that you love

✓ Live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying fun foods

✓ Stop hating yourself thin and embrace who you are

✓ Develop a mindful practice to live more presently


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